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It comes with adjustable chin straps which complies with safety standards. Also adjustable fit ring provides a dial size. It also complies with features like front intake vents, race-style exhaust diffusers, and rear exhaust vents. The adult skate helmet unites superior quality with a cutting edge design. Your perfect choice for biking, skating or any other sport that requires protective headgear. On the street or in the half pipe the skate helmet provides you with superior security and protection. The ergonomic designed padding and an additional sizing pad set for the perfect individual fit guarantee ultimate comfort. The vents keep your head cool at all times and the side release buckles make it a breeze to adjust and fasten your chin strap. Thanks to the design of this helmet, it absorbed the brunt of the impact. Additionally, customers are eased with the availability of the nonstick cookware in varied sizes and models as per the specifications provided.
Skating as a very popular sport, skating addition to extreme sports are entertaining and irritating, but a very important reason is that skating has a strong safety. University of Massachusetts in a recent research report, presented a startling discovery: the use of elastic polyurethane wheels made ​​little impact on the joints, it is also suitable for the elderly and children in the sport - wear a adult skate helmet and protective gear after the fall risk of injury is small. Description: Yo shun Senior Inline skates retractable Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, production, combined with advanced production technology, well-engineered technology improved, the front and rear panels using split structure shoes, shoe size can be adjusted according to foot size using wheel imported PU raw material to manufacture! in brightness, color degrees, wear so much as imports of similar products, whether it is the overall sense from the shoe surface and internal are revealing a beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, real.
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