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Tough, durable skate helmet for a variety of activities. Ideal for skateboarding, long boarding, kids skate helmet, and roller derby use. Multi-impact design; adjustable straps and Sweat saver liner keep you comfortable at all times. Customized logo rivets for an added touch of style. Classic skate side cut helmet design. A patented sweat saver liner helps eliminate the smells, stinging, and eye blurring that occurs from sweat, while moisture-wicking layers quickly remove sweat and anti-bacterial treatment virtually eliminates smell. The 360-degree, wraparound design means there's no liner separation from your head. Terrycloth construction is soft against the skin, as well. Pro tec classic helmets are a popular choice at the park and on the street. Known for comfort, style, and protection, these helmets feature a tough yet lightweight ABS shells and two-stage liners for protection. The helmets come in a variety of sizes for a just right fit.
Helmet Protection Principle kids skate helmet action principle is that by absorbing the impact of the collision force to play a protective role. In other words, each one has a foam lining riding helmet when the accident occurred, foam lining buffers to reduce collision damage accident. Tradition, many riding helmet is made ​​of EPS (expanded polystyrene ) material. Once the EPS foam in the accident crushed deformation is not recoverable and reusable. In addition, the inner layer of the helmet by the EPP ( expanded polypropylene ) foam. Although EPP foam after use can be restored again by the impact, but its intensity is far less than the shock absorbing EPS foam. So, after years of research and improvement. A combination of the EPS and EPU ( polyurethane ) foam novel multiple protection Tau Re Up was born. Not only that, a lot of riding helmets to reduce the use of carbon fiber helmet weight. How to buy. Various basic styles of kids skate helmet can be purchased anywhere. Sport Helmet versatile, and more lightweight road bike helmet, ventilation is good. On the other hand, off-road bicycle helmet crashworthiness stronger, provide more protection for the head, sometimes including full face protection. The final type of bicycle helmet mountain bike helmet is that it can provide maximum protection for dangerous off-road terrain. Choose a lightweight, rugged, breathable helmet should be, there are huge holes, natural ventilation is good, there are alloy skeleton, reliable intensity with COOLMAX lining, comfortable to wear, as well as some of the front portion of the helmet Insect, is a very thoughtful design. In the past, a big difference is mountain and road helmet, mountain helmet brim, no roads, but more and more designed to be removable helmet visors, and more and more people do not wear helmets fitted hat, in fact, the main role of the sun hat, but a negative effect is blocking the line of sight, which in itself is an irreconcilable contradiction, you can choose according to personal preference.
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