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We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying of kids skate helmets which is available in different specifications in order to meet the requirements of our clients. The most common materials used to make skate helmets are acrylic and polycarbonate. These plastics are lightweight, yet sturdy enough to resist shattering from flying road debris. They do require special treatment to keep them clean and scratch free. They do require special treatment to keep them clean and scratch free. Multi-impact design. Our renowned kids skate helmets is one of the best multi-impact helmets available. This helmet can be used as necessary protective gear for skateboarding, in-line skating ("rollerblading"), roller derby, and scooters. This helmet is not for bicycle use. As well, at Triple Eight we know that sweating while skateboarding sucks, so our techies here listened to our top riders, went back to the drawing board and developed the patented Sweatsaver liner that helps eliminate the smells, the stinging and the eye blurring that occurs from sweat. Our revolutionary liner has moisture-wicking layers that limit sweat drippage, an anti-bacterial treatment to make it virtually stink proof, and a 360° wrap around design so that there is absolutely no liner separation. With our terry cloth construction, you can kiss that itchy head feeling goodbye. Our Sweat saver liner is standard in all rubberized helmets and pro helmets, and is also sold individually in sizes XS – XL.
[Product Features]: good ventilation performance, durable pvc casing, shock -resistant inner shell eps white, black pvc pan, the size can be adjusted freely, to protect a large area, steel buckle unique, with high-quality regulator,. tightness can be adjusted according to different needs and sizes. Lovely cartoon design, built-in regulator can be adjusted according to the needs of their own children. [Note]. Whether skating, scooter, or ride a bike, you can give your baby coupled with helmets, safety in the end, give the baby to the attentive care. Features Description: Unique sleek, stylish and diverse styles, hole design more reasonable, breathable and comfortable, the quality of goods to export European CE quality testing, to maximize the impact of diffusion in motion when subjected to impact, the effective protection of users, is extremely durable. Helmet shape, minimal resistance, better ventilation, comfortable to wear. Suitable protective helmet can reduce 80% chance of damage to the head ; wearing a helmet in a crash accident risk factor who make their head injuries decreased by 85%, mainly on the head protection helmet injury mitigation action, helmet hit in the head by a relatively slow can stop without wearing a helmet if the stones hit the ground at the head, often cause more serious head injuries, but helmet but it can absorb the impact force, avoiding the unnecessary event. Rui Jue helmet instructions warning. 1, in order to achieve maximum protection, make sure the right size helmet and make sure all straps intact. 2, this section of the kids skate helmets design, can effectively absorb large impact force, so that the helmet shell and the inside from damage, if unduly impact, even difficult to see cracks, it is advisable to replace the helmet may hit some powerful exceed the tolerance range of the helmet will cause unnecessary injury and death. 3, Please do not transform a helmet, or it may reduce the protective effect of helmet. 4, some common substances may bring the user to easily see the helmet damage, certain solvents, pigments, etc. to clean the helmet can cause damage and accidents. 5, when the ban motorcycle use. The bicycle helmet is only designed for a class or sports purposes and does not involve any use motor -driven or safe enough to provide effective protection and helmet use can not be avoided in any foreseeable factors could harm the wearer. Please wear a cap right size helmet and fasten all the chinstrap.
Helmet tips: Helmet buffer layer is composed of ethylene polypropylene foam, the industry referred to as EPS, which is a high density compressed foam. EPS is to protect the safety of the human head second line of defense, is relatively the most critical line of defense, not for the beautiful appearance, but to really be able to cushion the effect. EPS is divided into primary and secondary foaming foam, a relatively large EPS foam density, high hardness, generally used in high-end helmets. EPS foam density secondary, low hardness, showed a small spherical bubbles, everyone on the common use of electrical shock foam packaging foam is secondary EPS. This is also low helmet secondary foam EPS, regarded as one of the better products. Production broadly similar appliances EPS foam protection block, however, there is a precision and moisture problems. EPS foam injection molding temperature is generally in the molding process will inevitably mixed some water, so that the new can not be used in the EPS helmet production, strictly speaking, this is like cast iron, must be intentional in some outdoor wind and rain the same time ; a large boilers generally allows an injection of several EPS, which is like multiple births, then, due to the difference between the open mold process, it is possible to do while there is a slight difference in the local EPS ; according to the human head collision the security risk is not the same, EPS grade helmet shell is generally made more blocks, and the density is not the same type of EPS, usually from between 60 grams -100 grams poor with only 20 grams some helmets, gently hand one click on the deflated. High-end helmet EPS hard to press down.

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